03 UDAVI: SEERS ‘Home for Destitute Girls’

. General remarks

Name of the project-host: SEERS

Place: Vyasarpadi, Chennai

Region: Tamil Nadu

2. Number of Volunteers 2

Starting Date: September

3. Description of the local project

SEERS (Socio Economic Education and Rehabilitation Society) is a non-governmental organization registered in the year 1994. The organization works towards the empowerment of the marginalized communities to bring justice and eradicate poverty. SEERS Girls Home for the orphaned children is situated at Chennai. The shelter was started in the year 2012. At present the home has 30 girl children. The children at this home are provided food, shelter, health care and recreational facilities. The children are in the age group 5 to 18 years. The children of this home are homeless girls. The girls are sent to the government schools for formal education. Providing education and a happy healthy life is the aim of the project. The in charge person for the project is the secretary of the organization Mr. E. Kalyansundaram. He is a dedicated social worker, working for the underprivileged community since 1994. He has a team of committed staff looking after the children at the home.

4. Field of work

The Project has 5 days in a week. It will start on weekdays at 11:30 AM and ends around 7:30 PM.

The volunteer will be involved in assisting the staff in taking care of the children.

5. Special qualifications required

· Teaching skills

· Willingness to work and interested to teach children

· Creativity skills

· Able to coordinate with staff and children

· Skills in art work

· Positive attitude towards work

6. Description of the tasks of the volunteer

· Teaching spoken English

· Conducting arts and crafts classes

· Assisting the children with their evening studies

· Organizing play activities for the children

· Theatre program for the children

· Organizing summer camps during the month of may

· Organize cultural events (e.g. dance, Christmas celebration)

· Workshop on health and environment

· Organizing exposure visits for the children