00 UDAVI: Organizational Development

1. General remarks

Name of the project-host: UDAVI Society

Place: Anna Nagar East, Chennai

Region: Tamil Nadu

2. Number of volunteers 1

Starting Date: September

3. Description of the local project

Udavi is a registered non-governmental organization, initiated in the year 1993. Udavi has been working towards community based developmental activities for the urban, rural and tribal population in Chennai, Kanchipuram and Tiruvallur, Districts of Tamil Nadu. Its major focus has been towards implementing development projects for providing better opportunities for women and children with special emphasis to vulnerable and marginalized children, women, persons with disabilities and youth. The major target interventions are Rehabilitation of Street Children, Child labor/Dropouts, Homeless families, HIV-Aids interventions among the slum population and rehabilitation of people in the displaced community.

Besides that Udavi is working together with different sources to give young people the opportunity to work in social areas which they are involved in. Udavi is a resource centre and trains students in the field of Social work, Nursing and Journalism as part of their training curriculum. Udavi’s voluntary service connects other NGO’s in Chennai with the ‘Weltwaerts’ program and gives the opportunity for international volunteers to get involved in development work and gives them an opportunity to develop their skills and an intercultural learning.

4. Field of work

The Project has a 5 day week and works from Monday to Friday, usually from 10 AM to 5 PM.

The volunteer will be assisting the organizational development of the NGO and will help the staff Team in Documentation, Communication and Resource Mobilization.

5. Special qualifications required

· Motivated to work in a NGO and to be involved in field of administration

· Motivated to work with the staff team

· Motivated in organizational development

· Excellent computer skills (like word, excel)

· English language

· Writing skills

· Bachelor in any discipline and willing to work in a Social Work setting

6. Description of the tasks of the volunteer

· Updating NGO websites and creating a blog

· Documentation and report writing

· Preparing project-proposals for the NGO

· Assisting in fundraising

· Assisting in coordination between volunteers and the NGO’s

· Linkages and network with other international organization