01 UDAVI: Rehabilitation for Street and Working Children

1.General remarks

Name of the project-host: UDAVI Society

Place: Anna Nagar East, Chennai

Region: Tamil Nadu

2. Number of volunteers 1

Starting Date: September

3. Description of the local project

Street Children are those living on the street or slums, with or without contact to their families. In most cases children run away from their rural areas and homes from the urban areas because of broken families and environments not condusive due to factors such as alcoholism, child abuse, ill treatment by step-parents, unemployment and poverty. In most cases women who are unwed mothers and young widows who find it difficult to take care of the children, seek assistance for shelter for their children. In some cases they even desert the children on the streets. The children living on the streets are exposed to dirt, smoke and other environmental hazards. Some are trafficked and get into the hands of people who misuse them for antisocial behaviors. They are often deprived of a safe shelter. UDAVI rescues these children in vulnerable circumstances, with the aim to develop the child in a holistic manner physically, emotionally and psychologically thus enabling them to settle comfortably in society. They provide them with food, clothes, education and the more important thing is to take care and to give them a safety and a happy home.

4. Field of work

The Shelter takes care of 25 boys, in the age of 6-18. The Project has 5 days in a week. It will start on weekdays at 11:30 AM and ends around 7:30 PM.

The volunteer will be involved in assisting the staff in taking care of the children.

5. Special qualifications required

ž Interested to work with the street children

ž Creative skills in art and teaching English

ž Able to coordinate and work with the staff team

ž Flexibility to learn the regional language Tamil

6. Description of the tasks of the volunteer

ž Teaching spoken English, Math, Science and assist with homework

ž Workshops on life skill education

ž Trips to parks and other places of interests within the city

ž Recreational activities for children and youth, creative training in drawing and painting

ž Organizing health awareness training and health camps with staff team

ž Organize new educational in- and out-door activities

ž Assists the staff team in updating the case studies and fundraising for the shelter